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Upcoming Event
June 15, 24

Location: 25583 Avenue Stanford, Valencia, CA 91355 

What is Kirtan?

Kirtan, derived from the Sanskrit word for narrating or reciting an idea or story, is a communal practice of call-and-response singing or chanting of mantras, often accompanied by musical instruments. It serves as a unifying force, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together for a shared spiritual journey. Through continuous chanting, individuals immerse themselves in a space of devotion, cultivating a profound connection with the divine. Within the art of kirtan lies a pathway to inner silence, mental clarity, and boundless love, ultimately leading to a state of pure joy.

Kirtan transcends mere musicality, embodying profound spirituality through the repetitive chanting of mantras. It's not a performance but a sacred journey, where voices merge in devotion, invoking inner peace and divine connection. In each chant, hearts resonate with the essence of the universe.

This event is led by Dharma Das and his amazing Kirtan team. Dharma Das spent much of his adult life in a Hindu monastery learning about yoga and meditation. He left the monastery to continue life as a secular individual, aiming to achieve balance. Through his well-rounded experience, he adeptly distills and simplifies the theory of yoga and meditation, applying it to daily life. As the former leader of kirtan practices in the monastery, Dharma Das and his team bring years of experience traveling and performing kirtan, offering a rich and immersive workshop experience.

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The community kirtan aims to unite us through collective chanting and meditation, fostering closeness and spiritual connection. Proceeds from this event will be redirected to support our project's initiatives.


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