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  • Certified Reiki Master, Teacher, and Practitioner.

  • Breathwork Facilitator.

  • Sound Bath Facilitator.

  • Meditation Teacher.

  • Certified Grief Counselor.

  • Life & Spiritual Coach.

  • Accountant.

  • Private and group Reiki Healing.

  • Teach Reiki Healing.

  • Group, private and corporate Breathwork events.

  • Group, private and corporate Meditation classes.

  • Private Grief Counseling.

  • Private Life & Spiritual Coaching.

  • Master of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Life Coaching.

  • Certified Reiki Master and Teacher.

  • NeuroDynamic Breathwork Facilitator trainee (graduating in August of 2023).

  • Certified Grief Counselor certified by the American Institute of Health Care Professional Inc.

  • Studied and completed 3 levels of Himalayan Singing Bowls Sound Healing with author and Master Teacher Suren Shrestha.

  • Trained in Trance Healing at the renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, United Kingdom.

  • Certified Spiritual Healer by The James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts.

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Healing is an act of service - a service to the Divine and to people in a physical existence who are in need of help. My healing work is not affiliated with any religion.

I am located in Santa Clarita, California. I conduct both in-person and virtual appointments and classes.


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