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Inner Child Healing Sessions Feedback

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Lori G

The Inner Child Healing program is very professionally done, including the written materials that you get. The assignments that you complete are extremely interesting. Through this program, I uncovered and resolved things that I have been carrying around since childhood. The day after my 2nd session, which was focused on healing, I woke up feeling “lighter”, like a burden had been lifted. It was amazing. 

I can’t say enough about Cecilia and the positive life changes she has guided me through. Cecilia is kind, caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. She walks the talk. She really cares. The last 8 months have been life changing for me. Cecilia has opened a “life” door that I didn’t even know existed."

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Nancy B

Although I had already done profound work through various therapeutic modalities…I found myself unable to continue healing, as repressed memories and distorted thoughts continued to take charge of my everyday thinking and life. I am grateful to have provided myself with the gift to heal through Cecilia’s Wounded Inner Child Healing program. This profound experienced has allowed me recognize the distorted beliefs developed as a child, that dictated my life choices and continued to caused profound pain. This experienced provided my adult self an opportunity to change the narrative created by my younger/child-self, while allowing my inner child to heal and move on to a more desirable path in life.

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