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Community Kirtan

Kirtan is a spiritual practice involving chanting to induce a meditative state and devotion.

  • 10 US dollars
  • Peterson Grapplers: 25583 Avenue Stanford, Valencia, CA 91355

Service Description

Kirtan is a powerful practice of connecting our heart with the Heart of the Divine. This profound experience involves singing praises to the divine, in whichever form it resonates with you, fostering a sense of unity with those around you and a deep-seated joy. But what exactly is kirtan, what do we chant about, and how does it nourish both body and spirit? What is Kirtan? Kirtan, derived from the Sanskrit word for narrating or reciting an idea or story, is a communal practice of call-and-response singing or chanting of mantras, often accompanied by musical instruments. It serves as a unifying force, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together for a shared spiritual journey. Through continuous chanting, individuals immerse themselves in a space of devotion, cultivating a profound connection with the divine. Within the art of kirtan lies a pathway to inner silence, mental clarity, and boundless love, ultimately leading to a state of pure joy. Why Practice Kirtan? These melodic chants typically recount legends, express devotion, or explore spiritual concepts, celebrating the divine in all its splendor. Sound, being energy without bounds, allows practitioners to tap into the timeless essence of consciousness with each mantra or verse sung. Engaging in kirtan or mantra chanting not only calms and revitalizes the nervous system but also induces a state of thought-free awareness, where the mind merges seamlessly with the present moment's vastness. Accessible to All One of the most beautiful aspects of kirtan is its inclusivity—it welcomes individuals from all walks of life, regardless of background or disposition. Whether you actively participate or prefer to bask in the meditative ambiance with closed eyes, the vibrations of kirtan embrace all who partake, enriching the soul with its resonant beauty. Led by Dharma Das and his seasoned Kirtan team, this workshop promises an immersive journey into the heart of this sacred practice. Drawing from years spent in a Hindu monastery studying yoga and meditation, Dharma Das brings a wealth of knowledge and a balanced perspective to his teachings. With a focus on applying yogic principles to everyday life, he and his team offer a transformative workshop experience, enriched by their extensive travels and performances in the realm of kirtan. Participants are encouraged to bring along a yoga mat, a blanket, and a meditation cushion to fully engage in this event.

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(818) 667-1107

Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA, USA

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