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Maybe you had a few Reiki sessions and got your much needed healing. You are feeling light and happy. Are you wondering HOW you could maintain that inner peace and happiness? WHAT do you need to do next? 

If you're wondering about the above questions, Coaching is for you. People who get the most out of coaching are those who are highly motivated to change and have a fierce desire to learn and grow.

Therapies might bring you back from the negative ailing to neutral (from a minus 5 to 0), my goal is to apply positive psychology in my mindfulness coaching to take you from neutral to a positive state (from 0 to positive 5 or more) and attain a fulfilled and happy life. Coaching is different from therapy, studies have shown that coaching has the following characteristics:

1. the ability to unlock people's potential to maximize their performance

2. a facilitative approach that helps people to learn, as oppose to teaching them

3. an instructional approach that is directly concerned with the immediate improvement of performance and development

4. the potential to enhance the performance in work and personal life domains


There are no quick fixes in self growth: if you have a commitment, an openness to change and to explore, and are ready to try something different, you will benefit from the Coaching. By using self-awareness, meditation, and mindfulness practices, I can help you to attain a happy and fulfilled life. You will learn to integrate awareness into your everyday life through the mindfulness practices.

My Coaching style is to combine intuition and positive psychology with the use of meditation and other mindfulness practicing tools in order to help you increase your consciousness and brain function. Empirical research has examined the benefits of mindfulness practices and has affirmed its ability to improve cognitive performance, increase emotional intelligence, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and encourage strategic focus.

Step by step, I will guide you through the process of self-evolution, you will not be walking through this journey alone. You will learn how to develop awareness with your emotions, thoughts, and actions. With the development of self-awareness, you will learn how to manage your emotions, thoughts, and actions. 

Are you willing and ready to be a better version of YOU? 

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